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Welcome to Just Play

We believe that everyone should be able to play team sports as easily as going to the gym. So we created an app to help you do just that. No hassle. No commitment. Just Play.

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Find Sports Games In The Just Play App

Don't have enough players to play?

Don't want to commit to a league because of your schedule? 

Join the Just Play Community and play at a time and field that suits you!

How does it work?

Just Play provides sports games on demand

Choose a game that suits you

Games are listed on the app everyday of the week. Pick the game with a date and time that's convenient for you and pay in advance on the app.

Arrive and meet your team mates

Just Play is a community! Half of the fun is the great game and the other half is the great people you meet. That's why we go for beers afterwards.

Play a great game of soccer!

Our aim is that all games are equal and fun for all. Everyone is welcome and if the teams are unequal our Just Play Host will change them.


Why play with us?

Games everyday! Play whenever you want, on your schedule, at a field nearby. No hassle and no commitment.

Social and fun games. A Just Play Host will divide the teams fairly for more competitive play.

Games are always full. You won't be turning up to a game where there aren't enough players.

Games are never overbooked. You will always play the full game. There is a waiting list in the app to notify players if someone drops out. 

Exciting Features! We post photos and players of the match of each game. All Indoor games are filmed and videos of best goals and individual player highlights are uploaded after the game.

Sports Games in NYC, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia and San Diego

Games Everyday

Indoor and Outdoor

Play whenever you want! 

Fill out the form and we will contact you with our upcoming games.

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