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Meet the Hosts

Just Play Hosts are the leaders of the community - Selfless players who strive to make our games excellent for everyone. Every Just Play game has a Host who turns up early, brings all the equipment and sets up the field. The Host divides the teams fairly and motivates players during the game. But most of all, they make sure everyone is having a good time!

New York City

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Zach HOST.jpeg

Simon, a Team-Handball player from Switzerland, loves to play soccer at every time and location. Since he watched too many FC Barcelona games, his weakness on the field is that he prefers another pass over scoring an easy goal.

Simon Zurbuchen

Originally from NJ, Ellee moved to NYC in 2013. You can always find her playing pick up outdoors, or her ultimate fav, futsal! She's definitely a more technical player with a killer toe poke. Overall, she loves the competition soccer brings and meeting awesome people is the cherry on top!

Ellee De Baun

Zach is an outside midfielder from Detroit, Michigan. He managed the Michigan State Women’s Soccer team for 4 years in college before moving to NYC to create makeup products (a field he never thought he’d know so much about). Join Zach escaping the real world by kicking the ball around next Just Play session!

Zach Nantau

Anthony is an avid soccer fan. He grew up playing soccer and has a deep appreciation for the beautiful game. He is from Oakland, CA and moved to New York in August of 2020. Anthony is also a musician, speaks Spanish and French, and loves MMA. Come ball with him and have a good time!

Anthony Anzora


Andy is a target forward from Tulsa, OK. He has played soccer all his life, and, just like his favourite team Tottenham, has never won anything. But don’t you worry - his time is coming. Andy loves meeting people through the pickup community and genuinely enjoys having a competitive but lighthearted game.

Andy McCoy

From el triunfo Ecuador, Charles came to America in 2004 and is a big fan of Barcelona Sporting Club in Guayaquil Ecuador. As an ex-Marine and player for Marine Corp Base Cherry Point Soccer team, he is always hungry to score.

Charles Freire

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